UV Absorber UV20107

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UV Absorber semaSORB® UV20107

Product description

An UV absorber and light – protective substance for technical application e.g. , acrylic- resin, acrylic-varnish, vinyl-varnish, water- varnish, adhesive, oil- paint, PUR- systems, polymer dispersions, fluorescent pigments, CTA, CDA, PC, PVC, PE, PMMA (required concentration 0,5 – 3,0 % )


Formula: C12 H12 O5
Molecula-weight: 236 g/ mol
Chem. name: Dimethyl 2-(4- hydroxybenzylidene)malonate
CAS: 51947-45-6
Appearance: white, crystalline
Melting point: 161°C – 162°C
Identity: NMR/ ESI-MS

Solubility at 20°C, wt%

Ethanol: 5,0 %
Ethylacetat: 5,0 %
Acetone: 14,0 %
Dichlormethane/Methanol (9:1): 8,0 %
Gasoline: < 2,0 %
Water: <0.01

Appearance in solution

(1 %, ethanol): clear, colourless



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