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Tools for Criminal Investigation

Tools for Forensics & Criminal Investigation
Forensic Science
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About This Project

Tools for Forensics & Criminal Investigation

Chemical marking materials used for preparing objects so that they will be transferred to the  » suspect  in case of contact or come into their possession along with the object prepared.

Test Strips

Since 2013, we have been producing » test strips for ninhydrin/DFO/indadione/zinc for the Forensic.

Contact powders
invisible, intensive color change for marking of banknotes
for detecting unauthorized opening of containers and much more

Latent Dyes
different intensive color change for marking of cables
wood, liquids (for example gasoline) and much more

As evidence that can be used in court to prove the contact between
the suspect and the object attacked

for the unobtrusive marking of objects with the target
of recognition or attribution
for proving the unauthorised access of premises and locations
for proving the unauthorised opening of letters or containers