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Sun protection semaDK Climatic

semaDK Climatic bei Sonne Diagamm Photochrome Schaltprozess
UV Protection
at windows, dynamic darkening, foil, photochromic process, sun protection
About This Project

The photochromic sun protection film semaDK Climatic

changes with solar radiation.  The film darkens when exposed to intensive radiation and provides a fast effective glare protection.  The darkening prevents additional heating of the interior during the summer months.  If the sun diminishes, the film brightens up again. The self-adhesive film is applied to the inside of the window

During dynamic darkening, the sun protection film remains clear and transparent.  The photochromic control process is reversible.

The photochromic switching window film is clear. When viewed through the window, the film appears light blue. Large parts of the visible daylight enter the rooms through the windows.

The semaDK – Climatic film can be removed without leaving any residue even after years.

Advantages at a glance

  • Transparent in daylight
  • Darkening & glare protection after sunlight
  • Dynamic thermal insulation
  • Suitable for all windows & glass facades
  • Self-adhesive by wet bonding
  • Scratch-resistant foil
  • Simple handling
  • Can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue

Further Information

Blinding protection through darkening
The solar energy radiation is clearly held back.

Dynamic thermal insulation
In the summer months, high doses of high-energy solar radiation enter the interior through the windows. The photochromic control process automatically makes the film darken and ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Once the sun is gone, the film brightens up again.

High transparency
The film remains clear and transparent during darkness.

Glazing Protection
Provides good lighting conditions in case of too high light input

Easy Handling
The film is easy to apply to all glass surfaces on the inside and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue

The phtochromic effect lasts for years

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