BIRD Protection Window Pen

Vogelschutz- Filzstift Vogelschutz-Filzstift, Muster am Fenster, außen
Bird Collision Deterrence
About This Project


Make your windows safe for birds.

The large pen has a wide soft felt edge. All windows can be easily painted with stripes, dots or patterns. The transparent patterns are immediately effective. The bird protection pen is suitable for all those who want to design their windows and glass facades quickly and for a limited period with a bird strike protection.

The pen contains a clear ink that can be used to write on virtually any glass or plastic surface. The layers adhere well to the glass surface and are available for up to three years, depending on weather conditions.

With the fine felt point approx. 20 mm wide stripes can be drawn. The finished patterns on the disc are lightfast and waterproof.

How to use the bird protection felt tip pen:
Shake the large felt-tip pen with the cap and pull it off. Press down with the wide felt tip, e.g. on a piece of note paper, so that the tip is pressed back into the pen. Press the tip several times until the ink begins to flow. The ink is easy to draw horizontally or vertically on the window.


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