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BIRD protection windows film Xtal

Vogelschutzfolie Xtal: beispielhafte Darstellung
Bird Collision Deterrence
About This Project

semaSORB PROBIRD DK400® Xtal

A self-adhesive film to protect birds against bird strikes on windows. The transparent window film include a full array of irregular patterns that reflect optically. The patterns act on the birds like spots of grey colour which interrupt the light reflection on the pane.

Offers an additional functionality thanks to scattered crystals: a moderate privacy screen.
Plastic film with transparent and scattered crystal structures determining the modern design. Thanks to the irregular structure of the film, the bird recognises the glass surface as an obstacle and turns away from it during the approach.


  • Bird collision deterrence
  • UV protection up to 400nm
  • Colour protection
  • Splinter protection (on the side of the film in the event of glass breakage)


Roll width: 1260 mm (other roll widths on request)
Adhesive width: 1230 mm
Pre-cut sizes: according to demand


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