5,7-Dibromoquinolin-8-yl acrylate

5.7-Dibromochinolin-8-ylacrylat, CAS 34463-00-8, M8045
High-Reflective-Index Acrylate
5.7-Dibromoquinolin-8-yl acrylate, CAS 34463-00-8, M8045
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5,7-Dibromoquinolin-8-yl acrylate

M8045, CAS 34463-00-8

Building blocks, C8 to C10, chemical synthesis, heterocyclic building blocks, halogenated heterocycles


Formula: C12H7Br2NO2
Molecular weight: 357,00 g/mol
Chem. Name: Acrylsäureester
Appearance: yellow crystal
Melting point: 114-116 °C
Identity: NMR

Structural formula


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