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One of the best of UV protection and bird protection – windows and laminated glass and films with  UV 400/410 nm filter. You find specialties for surface protection and products based on lignin. We offer individual solutions for customers looking for chemical contract research in organic synthesis and custom synthesis products tailored and upscaling as well as development cooperation on a national and international level

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UV Protection Films

Easy handling – GREAT effect: Large glass facades – for example in shopping centres, office buildings, museums, winter gardens, hospitals and detached houses – can be equipped with effective and permanent UV400 and heat protection. […]
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It is not always possible for birds to recognise large glass surfaces of buildings in time. In Europe, up to 240,000 birds a day collide with the glass surfaces at full flying speed. Many species of birds have a fourth type of colour receptor giving them the availability to see from 320nm-400nm in the UVA radiation range. […]
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Benefit from our efficient UV absorbers and see for yourself how effective they are. They absorb the highly energetic UV rays in plastics and varnishes and unfold their protective properties by conversion into heat. […]
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